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Mock Trials
For Kids

A mock trial is a pretend trial.

In our classroom, we put the big bad wolf on trial every year for the murder of little red riding hood, with one trial per class. One year was special. That year, in one class, the key witness for the prosecution stated that he saw the big bad wolf slip a bloody knife into his jacket pocket and then saw the big bad wolf run away from little red riding hood's house. The student who was acting the part of the defense attorney looked up quickly. She grabbed the "wolf's" jacket that had been marked as evidence by the prosecuting attorney a little earlier in the trial, and asked the witness: "Is this the jacket?" The witness said yes. She handed the jacket to the witness and said: "Could you show me which pocket please?" The witness hunted but could find NO pocket in the jacket! Without evidence, the jury had no choice but to find the wolf innocent of all wrong doing! It was a great mock trial and the only class all day who found the wolf innocent and the only class all day who gave the defense attorney a standing ovation!

Have fun making your case in the games below!

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