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Government UNITS and Lesson Plans from iCivic

Library of Congress - American Government Lesson Plans

Center for Civic Education - Lesson Plans

Projects and Classroom Activities

Donn, Projects and Classroom Activities for American Government

Forms of Government, What is Government?

What is government? Types of government lesson plan

Fundamentals of Representative Democracy (lesson plans)

First and Second Continental Congress

Lost Hero: The "To Do" List of the Continental Congress

The Continental Congress - Complain, Complain

Colonial C-Span - 1st and 2nd Continental Congress

Articles of Confederation

To Form a More Perfect Union - Identifying Defeats in the Confederation (Articles of Confederation)

EDSITEment - search for Articles of Confederation

Declaration of Independence

Donn, The Declaration of Independence - Rewrite the Declaration

Donn, Declaration of Independence Lesson Plan (from our American Revolution Unit)

“An Expression of the American Mind”: Understanding the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence lesson plan

July 4th Lesson Plans & Activities

Sources of Law (iCivics)

US Constitution

Donn, Things that are NOT in the Constitution (some may surprise you!

The United States Constitution Unit, designed for grade 4 but can be adjusted for grades 4-8, free download, Core Knowledge

United States Constitution, Core Knowledge, free download

Constitutional Community (35 lesson plans)

Preamble and the Constitution

The Constitutional Convention of 1787

What are my rights? Exploring and Writing about the constitution (lesson plan)

The Constitution: Principles & Structures of American Democracy

Bill of Rights, Amendments

Bill of Rights Day (Dec 15)

Amendments 1-27 - list (amendments that passed)

Bill of Rights (lesson #2 of Constitution unit)

Donn, Give examples of what you can do today in your everyday life that are protected by the Bill of Rights.

Donn, Write an amendment to the Constitution about which you feel strongly today. Use the language of the existing Constitution.

Donn, Interactive Quiz about the Bill of Rights

3 Branches, Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances, lesson plan

Congress Link lesson plans

Balancing 3 Branches of Government (lesson)

Sortify: 3 Branches of Government, who does what game

How does a bill become a law?

How a Bill Becomes a Law (lesson plan)

How a Bill Becomes a Law

US Congress - House and Senate

Congress Link

Supreme Court

Lesson Plans for FDR and the Supreme Court

Donn, Plessy vs. Ferguson

That's Not Fair! Examining Civil Liberties With the U.S. Supreme Court

ALEX Lesson Plan- Read All About It! Supreme Court Case Makes Headlines

Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1967 (lesson plan)

Mock Trials

Guidelines for Conducting a Mock Trial in the Classroom

Political Parties

Donn, Mr. Donn's Lesson Plan: Comparing two political platforms - Populist Party vs. Tea Party

Gallopade for Teachers (lesson plans, free downloads and materials)

Democrat or Republican

Media and Influence Groups

iCivic lesson plan, media and influence groups


A Simulation of a Presidential Election

Improving Elections, lesson plan

The Election Collection (pbs)

Voting, What's it all about? lesson plan

Voting Matters, activity

Electoral College

What is the Electoral College? Why do we have it?

Lesson on the Electoral College

State and Local Government

iCivics - several

Suffrage Movement

Women's Suffrage- Why the West First- - EDSITEment - Lesson Plan

Cultural Change - Debate, Woman's Suffrage

19th Amendment - Woman's Suffrage

For Kids - Free Interactive Online Games and Quizzes

Donn, American Government for Kids (short learning modules)

Online Interactive Games about American Government - flash games have been removed

Quiz about the US Constitution and other important documents (mrdonn)

Ben's Guides to Government

Government Games - Wartgames