Constitution Unit - Second lesson, Bill of Rights Illustration

The Bill of Rights
Lesson Plan

(Complete Lesson #1)

Transition: Say something like: Last time we met, we looked at things that are not included in the constitution. We also thought about things that should be there. Handout the list of items your students believed should have included in the constitution.

Constitution Unit, Lesson #2 - Ask students to define the terms Bill of Rights and amendment in their own words.

Tell the class that they are going to study the first ten amendments to the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights.

Read and discuss this document with students from textbook or library sources or from the site noted in the Materials section.

Divide the class into ten groups.

Assign each group one amendment.

Tell the students that each group must work together to explain the amendment by rewriting it in their own words.

If Internet access is available to everyone, students may use the following glossary of Constitution-related terms: CongressLink Glossary


Have each group read its revised amendment to the class. Have other groups ask questions to the presenters.

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